‘Grow the Flowers’…Pluck the Weeds.

Something I have learned in life is that your circle of friends are very important. My mother use to always say ‘Show me your friends and I’ll show you your character’. As we walk our journey we meet people along the way. It’s funny as we never pay attention to red flags or warnings when we are thinking of friends. Most people never assess if we need our armour on or not, when making friends that is. It isn’t a boyfriend-girlfriend type of situation is it, right? However as I emerge into my thirties, I can easily reflect on different periods of my life where the people and company I have chosen to keep, maybe where not right for me or my character.

Previously I have said I am 32 years old, but actually I am 32 years young! Because if I have learnt anything so far, is that what you think you know you don’t really know. Life is an ever evolving learning curve and each chapter of your life, opens new learnt experiences! As we walk through this journey, the people we keep around us may exert great influence. Some of us are strong and know who we are, but others, well we need a little help and support. If we choose the ‘weeds’ then their influence can be soul destroying.

My moto is ‘Be Careful of the Weeds but Grow the Flowers’. Anyone who knows me personally knows I invest in my friendships. They are my extended family. They are my support network, my laugh or cry type of company. My Peoples, My Peeps! I’m transparent! I wear my feelings on my sleeves, but I am also highly sensitive. Strong and confident.

I have great friends, but I have also met some unpleasant people, for which our time together was but for a season. Sometimes these seasons have been meaningful to teach me a lesson, however other times they have been self-destructive. People pray on the meek and at times, during, my growth I have been naive and vulnerable to others. For someone like me, it has caused some deep wounds. I absorb the world. I have done so since I was a child. I feel other people’s pain and I make their battles my own. Now there is nothing wrong with these qualities, demonstrated in the right way, and for the right friends. But I am now more experienced and mindful about whom I extend such care towards in such an intimate way. I guard my home and my heart.

Grow your flowers and know who they are. Sometimes we misplace our trust and sometimes we cast aside those that will be your closes friend. It can sometimes be easier to walk away, but it harder to build. Your foundation in life, will set the tone for the infrastructure you build. Friends are like flowers. They need water and shade. Don’t believe what you see on TV, this throw away generation. The lack of loyalty and commitment. Your journey ahead may already have a few challenges, and trust me when I say, it will be those that are around you, whom will help you get through!

#NakedEmotions #MayoandFries 

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