Without Love we are Nothing…

Without Love we are Nothing…but where we get love, is what we are yet to explore!

This wasn’t the journey I had foreseen when I looked into my future as a little girl. I did not see the obstacles that lay before me, nor the challenges that I would face. I guess you could say I lived in my own bubble, I made choices but didn’t really understand the consequences.

Sometimes I find myself day-dreaming about the ‘mistakes’ I think I have made. Replaying what happened and what didn’t happen, sometimes over and over again, thinking if I had only done ‘XYZ’ differently, I would have had a different outcome. The thing about that is…ONE: We CANNOT change what has come to past! Although we wish we had a magic wand to turn back the hands of time, what has happened, HAS happened and no-matter how hard you try, you can not undo it. You can only move forward with the wisdom of making better choices in your future.

TWO: If we are living in the past, we are therefore missing the opportunity of ‘future‘. Yes, we can look back, if we find that in doing so we are going to reflect and learn, in order to adjust our actions/responses/decisions in future. However if we are living in the past, then we are not really living at all. We are stuck in a time that no-longer exists and before we know it, day and night will have pasted, hours and years will have eroded. You may have missed the opportunity to do better, be better, make change!

THREE: We are not being kind to ourselves, when we constantly beat ourselves up for decisions we have already made/actions we have done. Sometimes we forget that we are people. That WE MUST be kind not only to those around us, for they have feelings, but to ourselves. Every thought you process and every word you speak, your own spirit can hear. You may not even speak the words aloud, however even the silent ones, are slowly feeding your soul. If they are not positive nor kind, then this is the nourishment you are supplying yourself.

FOUR: If we are looking back then we are not concentrating our energy to moving forward. We are draining ourselves with the constant replay of what isn’t even real anymore. Yes there may have been consequences to your decision/choice or action but this is life. There is no game plan or rule book. We roll a dice and take a move. If we get it wrong we go back and start again. Yes that can be difficult and painful, trust me I have been there more times then I’d like to count, but this is life. It isn’t perfect, no-one is perfect, I am not perfect, but I get up dust of my rags and start again! There is power in that. You feel powerful in doing that. An inner strength.

This is a lesson not only for you but for me. It is something I am constantly reminding myself of. But I believe that this isn’t my story but only the introduction. I refuse to believe this is the beginning, middle and end of my journey. I know that within me I was born for more. I have made a few side turns and hit a couple no entry signs, but I am determined to succeed. Not in the eyes of others but in the eyes of myself and God. What I realised more than anything, is a desire to LOVE myself. All I need is Love. Embrace who I am, what and where I may have been and love the fact that my future is yet to be written. In doing so, I will be the best me I could ever dream of, as I am coming from an authentic place, of Love.

#NakedEmotions #MayoandFries 

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