About me…or should I say Mayo and Fries.

Mayo and Fries, is me. A simple girl living in London. Working hard to find her feet. At 32 I officially am an adult, I am a mother, a partner, have been a single mother, come from both a two parent and single parent home, moved at least 20 times since my childhood, lived in North, South, East and West London, been an entrepreneur as well as a serial job hopper and pretty much felt like Bridget Jones most of my life! #NakedEmotions

Well maybe not Bridget Jones, but I seriously need to confess that I don’t feel like I have every had it together. I mean, yes I have a good job as a secondary school teacher, I have a degree and post-graduate degree, earn a decent salary and get excellent professional feedback. However in my personal life, like many I pretty much have been falling apart and unfortunately rather than acknowledging it in some kind of self-help group, just continued on a spiral road. STOP SIGN!!!”*$”?><: …..

Yep that pretty much has been my roller coaster! However I decided that although fun (cough and cough again) it just wasn’t working for me. I was destroying my soul and basically moving from one problem to the next. Bad relationship, after bad relationship, new job after new job and the list just goes on…

So Mayo and Fries is my vice. Its my vent, my outlet, my thought processing forum. It’s a chance for me to express what I am feeling and going through. I guess my written therapy. So…enjoy the contents, feedback, empathies or simply relax.

#NakedEmotions ~ MayoandFries