Welcome to Mayo and Fries

Do you ever feel like your mind is overwhelmed with your thoughts bursting to get out? Or desire a sense of connection in order to feel normal, in relation to your thoughts? You know those ones that are maybe a bit too deep, dark, strange, wacky, adventurous or just plain difficult to verbalise.

Mayo and Fries is that forum. #NakedEmotions!

Sitting in my therapist’s chair, no I am not a therapist, I’m in therapy, I often discuss the things that I want no-one to hear. No-one can judge me, no-one can comment back, or reject my thoughts or even interject with their great sense of justice or injustice so to speak. It’s MY SPACE! A place only for me for that hour, and a place I can allow naked emotions, no matter how raw to pour out. I cry, I wallow, I smile and I question.

According to the World Health Organisation ‘615 million people suffer from anxiety and depression, with 1 in 4 people experiencing at least one diagnosable mental health problem’.(Counselling Directory, 2016)

As humans we need to feel loved and feel understood. We are complex creatures. People say that life is simple and that people are complicated and maybe they are right. But because people are complicated, it means life isn’t that simple after all. We spend years and years, absorbing the world around us, as well as being bombarded with expectations of what we should do and who we should be. Wow…. I take a breath!!!! Even writing this, I feel overwhelmed. It just gets a bit much if I don’t say so myself.

According to the NHS, people need to talk, hence why we have talking therapies. According to the NHS ‘Talking therapies can help all sorts of people in lots of different situations. …Sometimes it’s easier to talk to a stranger than to relatives or friends.’ NHS, 2016

This is further supported by the idea presented by Maslow in his 1943 paper whom described people as having five levels of needs and the third level being social needs. Maslow suggests that people need to feel belonging, affection and love. (Very Well, 2016)

So at aged 32, I have concluded that I am not a failure. My thoughts are not alone.

There are hundreds of millions of people, whom like me have felt that life is a bit more complicated that they were maybe prepared for, and right now they are taking control and leading with Naked Emotions. As you read though my posts, you will find a wide range of topics and reflections, but it is all in the name of Self-discovery and Self-actualization.



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